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Sortovit MS 7 L Coin Sorter

Sortovit MS 7 L Coin Sorter

€5,250.00 Regular Price
€4,250.00Sale Price
This high speed coin sorter is ideal for Amusement, Car Parking and Vending Operators and makes fast work of counting, sorting and batching coins for banking.
  • Details

    SORTOVIT MS 7L, coin sorter, multi-stop version
    High speed coin sorting with electronic coin recognition. The MS 7L counts and sorts mixed coins into pre-set batches into coin bags. The amount of each of the coin stops can be user-defined and pre-programmed.
    - counts and sorts up to 6 denominations
    - Up to 2,500 coins per minute
    - Foreign coin off sort feature
    - Programmable stop quantities
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