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NEW - RS 2000 Cash Counting Scales

NEW - RS 2000 Cash Counting Scales

The RS 1000 have now been replaced with the updated model RS 2000. 

One for everything, one for everyone! Daily manual cashing up requires valuable labour time. RS 2000 Money Scale carries out cashing up in only a few minutes! RS 1000 cash scales count both sorted banknotes and coins and is very easy to use.
  • Details

    When the auto-add and auto-continue functions are activated, the RS 2000 adds up automatically every result from all denominations into a total amount. This means that no specific buttons have to be selected during the entire counting procedure. Sub totals are added automatically into a total sum.
    · Powerful weighing scale for coins and bank notes
    · Processes different currencies with a large capacity
    · Foldable display – perfect presentation and easy menu navigation
    · Personalisation also for tokens, vouchers, coupons, etc.
    · Either battery or mains operation
    · Measurements: 190 x 129 x 108 mm
    · Weight: 0.6kg
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